Tack så mycket Sverige

This is a late post but I am happy to share this now with a good internet connection all the way from Ahmedabad, India. Above are polaroids of many happy memories and experiences from my European adventures. It feels like only yesterday I was sitting in my aunt's apartment ready to go to the airport, downing a gifted bottle of Swedish apple cider, and now it's all very much over.

I have been to a 3 day Swedish music festival where I met lovely locals Elsa and Matilda, met long time family friend and wonderful host mother Ingela from Stockholm, moved into my student accommodation, met fellow music obsessive and Gothenburg local Felix, visited the islands multiple times, met my buddy group (Desmond, Dani, Maria, Olartia, Marta, Veronika, Luci, Yago) and leader Yacob, visited Norway and climbed a glacier, went on student radio with Nick, was visited by Tom from England twice and Australian friend Roxy, listened to plenty of Jeff Buckley and got fika with Joseph, got my certificate in beginners Swedish, frolicked in the most beautiful churches and design museums in Copenhagen, caught up with old uni friend Bardia in Delft, got high with Paul and Desmond at a Placebo concert in Amsterdam, shopped continuously and ventured through many tour walks in Berlin, publicly slipped onto my ass in Lapland (many times) and went on my first dog sled ride, celebrated a Swedish Christmas in Stockholm and partied my way into 2014 with my best friends of buddy group team Skål and then later said goodbye to all my beautiful friends at 7am in the freezing snow.

I have been so lucky to have experienced all of this and I have taken nothing for granted. I have learnt so much and gained so many lifelong friends. I wish to thank everyone back home in Australia who supported me and helped me have this amazing adventure and read my blog posts. I hope I have inspired many of you to see Scandinavia and northern Europe for it's true beauty.

To all my beautiful close friends I have met in Sweden - Thank you for your friendship, this is not our last goodbye

- Melissa

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