Farewell India!

Photos by Melissa Barrass Sony Nex 5N

Wow India was fantastic. I spent an extra week in India to do a tour of the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur). Sadly each of these cities didn't really grab me. Agra is the worst, a desperate, unclean rural city that is overshadowed by the truly magnificent Taj Mahal. I was driven around by my wonderful and trustworthy driver Mahesh who took me to other sites for my benefit. After the tour ended Mahesh realised I had 2 extra days in Jaipur. He offered for me to see Pushkar, approximately1.5-2 hours drive away from Jaipur city. It was the best decision I had made. Pushkar (last 3 photos) is a small spiritual city that attracts hundreds of westerners (alot of hippies young and old) who love the relaxed, cultural vibe of this fantastic site. Surrounding a holy lake, Hindu's idolise this place for it's holy water, the Brahman temple and the annual animal fair. I quite enjoyed the view of the mountains and the clustered old indo-islamic shanties that were coloured in whites and sky blue. The shopping was fantastic - so much leather and traditional textiles. I will definitely be heading back to Pushkar!

That is all I want to say, I need to spend time with my brother. I am very relaxed to be home, I would be lying that I am not pleased after the hustle and bustle of India, but deep down I very much miss Sweden and all the wonderful friends I have met in my time there. I draw comfort in the thought I will be seeing them again one day.
Puss och kram!

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  1. So beautiful and inspiring Mellie! :) Your whole trip sounds like an amazing adventure! Going to have a nice stalk of all your photos now. Miss you!!

    xx gem


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