Over the past two weeks I have been restricting my fashion focus to designers such as Ann Demeulemeester, Pacco Rabanne, Sarah Ryan, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto, Aoi Kotsuhiroi and any other designer that pumps out experimental or androgynous collections dripping in black, black, black. 
However my inner wild-child has insinuated my uni-focused mind to analyse the electric work of Katie Eary in collaboration with River Island, and in a surprise turn of events I find myself an obtainer of some great content to share with you all.
Katie Eary is a bold designer, opinionated and honest. In the past she has been known for her menswear which is nothing short of crazy, I mean just go look for yourself. Her work is totally Estate of Mind-worthy, and if you know the aesthetics of Sylvie's Estate of Mind concept store in Sydney*, you can only just imagine the obscene nature and cluster-fuck of contemporary digital prints and references to pop culture.

Looking at the collection I must say I have had a change of heart on animal prints once more. Perhaps the aggressive over-saturated palette and the enlarged scale of the print is the reason I am so won over. Despite the Rihanna vibe, I do love this collection, It's fiesty. As you can see below Katie has some great mark-making abilities.

To find out more about the collection and take a look at the London Fashion Week Fash/On Film event video check out the River Island Design Forum pages.

Katie offers her brain to be picked in a short interview -

What inspired your collection?
Mine was based on “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. I always start with a book, I’m a complete nerd; it’s what I do. I looked at both the book and the film but I actually prefer the book. If you read it it’s actually a very short trip where they get into a peace conference but they wanted to stretch it out to a whole book. Anyway, looking at the film I felt like my girl could be Johnny Depp, so instead of Johnny Depp it’s her.

Did you face any problems or difficulties moving from men’s wear into women’s wear?
No not really because I’m quite selfish so I thought about what I wanted to wear when I go on holiday. What do I want to wear when I go to this festival etc. I’ve actually been chomping at the bits to do women’s for ages so I was so excited, no question!

For a budding designer, do you think a university course is the best route to take? Do you have any advice for anyone who hasn’t gone to university first?
I mean, I can only speak from my own experience. I went to university and I worked really, really, really hard so I feel, you know, that was the route that I went down. But then I’ve had interns that didn’t go to university and they were just as confident and just as amazing. I think it takes a bit longer or maybe you have to start interning at a younger age. Where there is a will there is way but I do think there is quite a bit of snobbery in fashion so I would suggest go to university because it’s the harder option; nothing easy is never worth coming.

What are you hoping your River Island collection launching in Australia will do for the brand down under?
Because I want to get into sun wear and you know, summer is all the year around there. I mean, I think it’s going to be quite successful but I don’t want to speak too soon.

Do you design for a specific country in mind or for the whole world?
That’s a difficult question. I don’t design for any particular country, I design for season. Summer is worldwide as is winter so that’s generally how I’d like to do it. When I finished university I hated designing summer to bits. Now it’s the other way around.

* Estate of Mind FYI is closing it's doors temporarily but will still operate online until a new premises is found - HURRAH

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