Jag älskar Sverige

Video by myself

This is a video I compiled of my amazing adventure abroad in Sweden/Norway/Germany/The Netherlands and Denmark. I am extremely blessed and lucky to have been a student at University of Gothenburg. I am also very grateful to have met and stayed with my gorgeous Swedish host mother Ingela and her daughter Amanda in Stockholm. The video goes for around 11 minutes, but I can assure you it is worth it despite the compressed video quality. The music is specially curated by yours truly - Boards of Canada, Jose Gonzalez and CoMa.

I pulled a few heartstrings making this, so it means alot to me. I don't see this as a closing of the chapter for Sweden. I will never get over it, nor do I want to. I want to get back to my second home in the world and be with those I love so much.

I'd say I will be back at least within the year. Jag alskar sverige

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