images by myself (Sony NEX5N)

I have been working on my elective project for contemporary wearables for over 2 weeks now and I am happy to say that I am finally done. I am overall happy with the design, but a little weary of the construction in terms of the back. The back has been assembled together with sticky tape, yes tape. But there is a reason why I feel strongly about the use of the tape, and that is simple because it allows movement. I have the time to...


Afterall these years of being told to document by tutors, it is moments like these that I realise how well they ring true. I have come up with the idea of connecting the triangles with invisible thread (will probably use a thicker fishing wire instead) and join the individual triangles together as explained below:

Well, this is a positive outcome of a design problem being solved through critical reflection and observation. 
I am still not sure how I will attach these strung-together pyramids to the flat panels of vinyl (the centre back strip for example)... potentially a tack per triangle all the way down/across the edges?

Continuing... I have used a pattern from my first year at Raffles which I have altered at the arm holes/side, neckline and of course the shortening of the length to sit more at the waist. I have added a second bust dart due to the excessive plastic at the arm holes (it was sitting strangely).
The 5 crystals at the front have been designed from a hand made/measured pattern through trial and error on A3 paper and were scaled down twice (x2 @ 90%, x2 @ 80%) on my A3 Brother printer (finally mastered using this printer, I love it). I have also removed the two large pyramids at the shoulders as they looked too predictable and excessive.

Now I am vectoring the design along with 2 other designs which are not required to be constructed. I hope to complete the lookbook minus the actual modelled photos tonight (I am still deciding how I will shoot this, when and with whom). It is due on Tuesday the 29th of April so I am well ahead, I am just trying to get this out of the way to focus on major project which I was supposed to start illustrating ideas for 3 weeks ago... yep already behind schedule :/

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