Images by Melissa Barrass

Fellow COFA cat and master of public transportation sketches, Luschia Porter had her first solo show at the Tate gallery in Glebe last night. I turned up at 5 minutes past 6 (opening) and the Gallery was already 3/4 full. This is an obvious response of the impact her art and design work has on the community around Sydney. Her Instagram boasts of 2.5k followers and is swiftly growing. She has featured in many local art and culture articles, festivals and community art battles.

So basically she does everything. I crown her the queen of productivity at COFA because I don't think a day goes to waste in Luschia's world of geometric meshes, 3-dimensional resin planters, mixed material stools and side-tables, sleepy eyes and abstract mountainscapes. These are what Luschia is renowned for amongst her peers, and despite not even graduated, she has done enough in her short design life to make many "creatives" rethink their choice of career.

Although I only stayed for 15 or so minutes, I managed to snap some photos of her work looking it's usual best and down a complimentary beer (how good are gallery openings?). It was lovely to see other COFA students there of all disciplines and intakes, and even UTS graduates - talented fashun friends Brooke and Julia. Thanks to The Tate gallery for hosting and nurturing such a talent, and making my first visit an enjoyable one. 

Just do yourself a favour and keep her website permanently in a browser tab to stare at the gorgeous design representing her works. Bloody Luschia Porter. 

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