MAJOR PROJECT: Research // Moodboard and moods

These visuals will mean nothing to you right now, but I will share my concept very soon. Tonight is just a little difficult to share something so detailed.

Looking back on my return brief I realised there are still many things I haven't touched up on the research which I aim to catch up on over the next 24 hours.

I aim to do my research in a journal, but for some strange psychological reason, I cannot work in an already used A4 book (I prefer brand new and smaller to A5) and I have just ordered a smaller 19cm x 19cm Moleskine which I feel will help me tackle the major project with a fresh attitude.

I have to admit over the last 2 days I have been struggling deeply with my mood, energy and motivation. The whole concept of beginning the design process for major project has been extremely overwhelming and I need to come back down to earth and approach the task with a calm, relaxed mind.  My schedule as expected is already off completely. Maybe I was being a little ambitious, but my design sketches were supposed to have begun at least a month ago. I have been too focused on Contemporary wearables, luckily it is over for now. My 2-3am bed times and 9am wake-ups are just not working and I am suffering greatly. My body feels weak and bruised all the time. Maybe it's due to a lack of iron as I hardly eat red meat anymore. My mind is scattered and often distracted, my skin is breaking out and really affecting my mood. After Groovin the Moo this weekend, my Facebook will be switched off until Major project has been complete. It will be a dark and silent period but I want to challenge myself to be a more focused designer for the job at hand. I am in my 6th and final year of tertiary education (for now) and I want to put everything I have into this major project. After all, this is going to represent my 6 years of design education, and if it is not how I envisioned I will never be happy with myself.

What I have done so far is extensive research, a light look at material suppliers (despite not being 100% sure of the actual designs themselves) and formed a whole wall full of visual inspiration. Coming from a fashion background, I love visual inspiration. I have the tendency to really make something of them and form fresh ideas. It usually starts with a quick glance and mistaking something for something else. It's almost as if my mind implants an idea suddenly and uses a visual victim as the inspiration, if that makes sense?

I have began looking into natural dying and yesterday I have brewed a simple concoction of steel/iron and apple cider vinegar. Together they will form a form 'vinegaroon' that will turn natural fibres into a jet black. The only troubling thing is that I am not sure if I placed too many steel wools in/not enough vinegar. The downside to this is that making the vinegaroon can take up to and over a week. Which is a long process indeed. However on the plus the materials are easily accessible at my local woolies and are relatively cheap, I just nee to over - create or really keep an eye on my time.

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