MAJOR PROJECT: Research // Natural Dye

Images by myself: Sony Nex5N

The one thing I have learnt about design, is that the process is just as rewarding as the end product. I have always admired bloggers like Luxirare who document the process of creating in vivid and beautiful detail. I cannot provide the same quality of visuals and working space, but I am really pleased to share the creative process with everyone  as this is my life right now. This is all I do these days - create, experiment, document, research.

Vinegaroon makes a natural black dye.

6 x steel wool (the tiny fine fluffy metal ovals)
1 x bottle of Apple cider vinegar
(container with a gladwrapped cover with holes poked in for breathing)

Above is my attempt at creating a natural dye called vinegaroon. I have visited various forums, and each with differing tips about brewing times e.g. 3-10 days. I am currently unsure if I have placed too many steel wools in, in proportion to the ACV liquid. I am even unsure how much of this I intend to make, but one thing is for certain is that it is cheap and easy to make. However the 3-10 day waiting period can definitely put a strain on the process, but there are always things to be done in the waiting period.

After 1.5 days, it is currently showing signs of being a success, it is bubbling and turning dark. I admit I did not look into the difference of results between normal white vinegar and ACV, but for now it is working. I have second hand leather I obtained from Reverse Garbage at Marrickville, which is a croc-like embossed mint blue colour. It is actually very beautiful, but I would love to see it black (The Rolling Stone anyone?). However various forums inform me that I may not be able to re-dye an already treated and embossed piece. It is worth the try however and I feel more confident, than doubtful as the vinegaroon is a very strong treatment.

I plan on dying organic cotton ropes, cotton fabrics and potentially silks for the project also. 

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