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Here I am using my blog for what I probably should have been using it for a long time ago - my design process. Better late than never I guess.

Only a few nights ago I had this amazing idea to create a texture that is 3-dimensional, challenges perception and radiates light. I have experimented with mylar many times already for fashion wearables, but it was my first time incorporating it with clear vinyl which I purchased off ebay and is commonly used as a table protector/cloth for functions or even as a weather guard protector.

The vinyl is easy to work with and sew through.

My process involves the use of a net shape - in this case a triangular pyramid. I like the clean interlocking nature of the triangle and felt that for flexibility, it would be a great choice of texture for a torso design as per the brief (IN DEFENSE: SHELL, SHIELD, SHAPE).
The net shape has been made into a pattern card and includes extra seam allowance for sewing.

The next step was to trace the pattern card onto the clear vinyl as accurately as possible with the scalpel blade. After securing a large pile of patterns, I am ready to start forming the pyramid shapes.

My first prototype was assembled with glue, but this has proven to be a fiddly and messy process. 

The second and third prototype have been sewn. Prototype two was formed with exposed sewn sides, which is a time-friendly outcome, but looked highly unattractive compared to the third prototype which was formed through sewing two sides then flipping inside-out and pushing out the corners for a cleaner, more aesthetic exterior.

The finalised pods or as I like to call them 'alien eggs' ready for forming a silhouette. I am looking into different shapes and sizes and tomorrow I am beginning the collage/design phase.

I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed sharing it. 

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