MAJOR PROJECT: experimentation and production // the jacket

Back piece. Darts included for a better fit. The original pattern was too boxy at the back.
Trial and error for the best fit across the shoulders. This was a painstakingly week-long process. Attempt #1 was worked from the shoulder, but was inaccurate. Attempt #2 was worked from a cork board (as seen in the above and below photos).
 Attempt #2 was severely difficult to work with and proved to me even more inaccurate as the shape of the shoulder was needed to get the correct fit. It was a very poor move on my behalf, a total time waster.
 Trying again on the shoulder with the final cut lace-loop holders (as seen above and below)
 Finally coming together and tying together as I go.
Applying a very diluted form of Powertex once more as it places a light film over the suede underside that stop the suede from shedding tiny fibres onto the skin.
Images by myself (Song NEX5N)

This jacket could have been the death of me. I spent over a week working on it full time and also managed to buy another sewing machine (a vintage Singer for $50). But I am pleased to say that it is complete and fulfils all that I have so far set out to achieve - defensive strength in the shoulders and attitude without compromising femininity entirely. The next item to create is the backpack, then I have completed the accessories range to accompany the collection. I want to show future employers that my interests do not stop at clothing. For the rest of the collection... I am yet to finalise designs, but there would be a lot of coiled rope. I can assure that.

For the next day or two I am working on contemporary wearables to get it out of the way. A post will form tomorrow most likely of the collection sketches and the finished youth of the future "hero" suit for SDES6761.

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