MAJOR PROJECT: Research // Branding, typography and logo

  Image credit: myself, typeface has also been designed by myself. Please respect the designer and ask permission before using.

The branding was initially supposed to be the last creative element in my major project timeline. However with careful consideration I have moved it forward to give my project more of an identity for the last presentation this week before the final marking in week 16. 
My audience for this Thursday's presentation are 2 tutors and students who are working on a digital media design brief for the major project. Most of the students are from a graphic/environment/object design background and have little understanding and/or appreciation for textile/fashion design. So it is vital that I make a clear and understandable presentation that is informative, visually strong and exciting. So I feel that creating the branding of my collection now would be beneficial not only for the presentation but for being organised for organising collateral - labels, tags, stickers, COFA annual invitations, website, email headers, metal stamps for leather, and business card.

BO & AROPAX will be my new pseudonym for all my future creative endeavours. I may even start a proper label and business, but for the major project BO & AROPAX will be my creative identity and "I AM NOT AN OBJECT" is the collection title. This very blog may merge with this new creative identity (e.g.

Firstly I suppose you are wondering what the hell BO & AROPAX is all about. If you are a genuine Silverchair fan, you would know. Daniel Johns is a sole hero of my teenage years and I have always been emotionally attached to Neon Ballroom, a 1999 release that in my opinion was the best Silverchair album. On that album is a song called 'Paint Pastel Princess' which has been translated by hardcore fans and myself as a song about the melancholy world of depression - the highs, lows and the flatline mediocrity of being on anti-depressants e.g. Aropax. The brilliant writer that Daniel is shows through this song with his play on words -

Paint pastel princess Bo and aropax the shelves when they're broken I'll beg you beg you 

There is a simple beauty about this small snippet of lyric and as I feel that I am an emotional designer that designs from the heart,  the "BO & AROPAX" title seems perfectly fitting. I also have never liked the idea of my own name being publicly addressed as a label or business.

The typeface design was inspired by the visual identities of labels such as:

The Chronicles of Never, Ann Demeulemeester, SSENSE, Saxony, Theysken's Theory, Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang.

Many of these labels have a similar design aesthetic with simple graphic branding to let the product speak for themselves. During the design process I constantly reminded myself what was most important in the logotype - 

  • That this logo would represent me and my creative endeavours from now, it needed to be exactly what I wanted, and I need to be attached emotionally to it.
  • BO & AROPAX intends to represent a lifestyle. A way of living, thinking and identifying oneself. The design label does not intentionally and religiously follow seasonal trends, instead finding inspiration naturally and freely without conforming to the industry's mainstream methods.
  •  A strong desire to potentially expand into unisex wear
  • Target market: fashion conscious young women, aged between 18-35. Mature, open minded, humble, reserved, peaceful, confident, feminist, successful, intelligent, proud, balanced, comfortable, varied style from casual to high-end, modest, androgynous and individual. A respect for literature, film, fashion, design, art, craftsmanship, gender studies, psychology, spirituality and sexuality. An appreciation for ethnic dress and textile technique and natural materials. Quality over quantity, living with less.
  • Typeface aesthetics: Sophistication and style. Tradition fused with contemporary. Tribal paganism meets post-apocalyptic avant garde. 
  • Clean, minimal, legible, style-oriented.
The creative process, hand drawn, then the concept realised in digital form

The next steps I need to take are contacting stamp companies, and getting quotes.

Image above from LW Leathers

LW Leathers look they can provide me with the product I need. However, they are not Australian based, so it may be quite pricey to have a custom made stamp and have it sent over. I am currently looking for Australian stamp-makers. 

Image above from Stickerapp instagram

Stickerapp is an easy to use sticker ordering system that make high quality sticker designs. I have been following their work on instagram for a long time and I am thinking of using their services. They also apparently do swing tags aswell which is well worth looking into. They are also an international company.

I have also been referred to this company which is Australian and has a Sydney showroom. I have alot more investigation to do this week including some mock up designs to see how the design collateral will look. 


  1. Good luck with your project! Your typeface looks amazing as well as the stamping.


    1. Hey cheers for the positive feedback man!


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