MAJOR PROJECT: experimentation and production // the backpack

Photos by myself Sony Nex5N

I spent last week beginning the coiling process for the backpack. It is long and tiring work and very hard on the hands. My fingers are forming blisters from the constant tying off of string, and I think I might just get arthritis after all of this haha. But the bag is now complete and I am very happy with it. I am needing to applying a label and a magnetic latch for the flap of the bag. It turned out a little different in shape, I guess I wanted to elongate more, but the more and more I continued the heavier the backpack became, so I felt it was time to close the shape and add the finishing touches to the design like the shoulder straps, handle and flap.

I am now currently half-way through working on the bra which took quite some time to decide on a final design. I mainly had issues with the design of the connection between the shoulders, to the actual under-bust/bust covering. I will have photos by the weekend to share of some details.

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