images by myself Sony NEX5N

Another year, another Vivid music, lights and ideas festival. This is my favourite event in Sydney every year, not only because of the stunning lighting displays throughout the harbour and surrounding areas, but because it encourages me to get out and enjoy the most beautiful city in the world.
I don't have much to write sadly due to my lack of energy and slightly disappointing company on the night. I mean the people I was with were great but, were not overly enthusiastic - more for sitting down and drinking as opposed to walking around and exploring, taking photographs and observing from different angles which is what I had done the previous year on my own. I think I will go alone again next year, it gives me more time to do what I want, see what I want at my own pace without friends placing hands in photographs and crying about their poor choice in footwear.

Until next year Vivid 

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