MAJOR PROJECT: experimentation and production // the photoshoot

Mona wears Bo & Aropax // Photography by Paul Leonardo, Hair and makeup by Glenn O'Reilly

Despite pulling an all nighter prior to the shoot, I think everything went well. The team worked really well. Paul has a fantastic eye for style and really capturing the required mood. Every detail through the lens matters and I am so thankful to have worked with him. Paul also goes by 'Leo' has been in the industry for some time now and is humble as can be, a pleasure to work with. Glenn was an absolute legend. He did such a fantastic job on Mona's hair and makeup. He really saw my vision for a fierce warrior woman and executed it with so much passion and understanding. Glenn was always smiling and worked so hard with consistently keeping Mona's look at it's strongest. A shout out to Mona also for being there for me last minute! She looked so good on set I started tearing up as I watched the shots flash up on screen because she just fit the image so well of this confident, striking feminist rebel. I chose Mona for her strong jawline and androgynous features which I have always found the most beautiful in people. 

Anyway here is a lone photo of the set which was small and cozy (thanks to the heater) on such a chilly June morning. Throw me a comment, let me know what you think about the shoot outcome.

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