MAJOR PROJECT: experimentation and production // the presentation

Images taken by myself Sony Nex 5N

It has been a month since I presented my graduate collection. The presentation went okay with a panel of 3 judges. A few hiccups like going a little over time and perhaps a bit more rehearsal. Also my lookbook was a complete fail after I did not arrange the look book file in a correct order for printing. I had to quickly reprint it, but it was not how I wanted it.

I will have the collection and designs perfected come the end of the year for the COFA Annual exhibition. I also found out my results from the panel HD // HD // HD which is freaking awesome. I am so very happy after all my hard work, anti-social behaviour and rejection of an income to focus on this project.

I have had a HUGE reaction on Instagram. People really want to see my stuff in a store for purchase, so I am gathering costing research and focusing on creating a Squarespace website to stock my goods for a make-to-order service only for now. With the amount of hours and detail I put into the work, there is absolutely no way I would pre-make items. I also in the future aim to have these items made by women in India. But first I need to continue with the establishment of my name amongst peers in the design community, make connections and further the collection.

I am really happy of this journey. It is nice to find something, make it your own and run with it.

Stay tuned and follow

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