Scans/cuts by myself: free to use, please drop a comment and share any work using these

Just some experimental graphics, textures etc that I have been drawing inspiration from.
I am currently doing internships for 2 Australian design businesses.
They are both going fine, still too early to call how I feel about one of them, even though I love the work I get to do. I just feel a little distant from one of my coordinators. Plus with a one month trial, it really makes me feel a little tested which I understand that is how the industry is, but in the end it's free work, it's also work that wasn't previously being done before, so it's adding a new creative element to the business and I feel pressured, which is not so welcoming. It's a tough industry.

I guess I am not a fan of internships to be honest. I have already done my fair share of internships (paid and unpaid). What I lack in, is confidence which unfortunately hasn't come with my 18 months of previous internship work, but to be honest, when is anyone 100% confident unless they set their own goals and tasks? I guess starting my own design label is becoming ever so appealing recently, as I just haven't got the vision or passion for much else.

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